Family conflict is the #1 reason for runaways. When we look at the breakdown in families, divorce, absent fathers, addictions, latch-key kids, distractions and distortions of loving, caring relationships then add in ‘keeping up with the Jones…’ we see many reasons for conflict. When these lost souls run they are looking for something to end those conflicts, right? However the runaway becomes even more at risk. victimization, addictions and prey for predators. (Note attached link) As the song goes, “looking for love in all the wrong places” Join me in praying for those who long for The Father’s love even a home where they can be accepted and encouraged. Seems so simple doesn’t it? Simple but not easy, however this is what the Church is meant to be a safe loving encouraging place for people to receive The Father’s love.

In a recent study of Luke 15, Jesus tells a story of a Father who lets one son go to squander his inheritance only to return willing to be a servant. The Father insists “My son, welcome home!”  

Are you running away?

Do you know the Father? 

Come home!

A simple prayer can begin the transformation towards restoration and reconciliation. Simply pray “God, I want to come to your loving kindness, a place where I can be accepted and loved and find hope for this life. Lord lead me and help me to have courage to follow you, Amen”